The Camp War Eagle Floater program is an integral part of camp and is for those who desire to have fun with and love campers, and have a servant’s heart with a positive and willing attitude. Floater counselors have the unique opportunity to experience a variety of the jobs and areas Camp War Eagle has to offer.  This is a position is for someone who is flexible and enjoys new and different tasks. The floater schedule will change depending on need and floater counselors may be shifted into a different role entirely in order to serve the camp program. Floater Counselor duties include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Nanny - Nannies care for, work with, and play with the Permanent Staff members’ children ranging in age from infants to 10 years old.  Nannies are assigned to a camp family each session.  These children spend the entire summer at camp and most are too young to be full-time campers. 
  2. Store - Daily restocking of food and drink items, restocking clothing and gift items as they arrive (tagging, folding), passing out uniforms to campers, working the registers during Mish Mash, preparing clothing pre-orders for the upcoming session(s), cabin inspection, and general upkeep of the store.
  3. Office - Preparing and organizing information packets for staff and campers, making morning program announcements over the PA, answering phone calls and other basic administrative work.
  4. Floater Counselor position could change to either a Nanny, Store, or Office Assistant as well due to staffing needs.