Food Service Specialist

The food service specialist position is a vital role at Camp War Eagle. Staff members work alongside international staff in the chow hall to cook, prepare, and serve the 1,000+ meals a day to staff and campers. These staff have the unique opportunity to serve others in a behind-the-scenes manner while helping make Camp War Eagle as safe, amazing and fun as possible. Internships related to restaurant and food services management or hospitality may be available to applicants with corresponding majors.

Food Service Specialist duties may include, but are not limited to the following areas:

  1. Preparing the Camp War Eagle Dining Hall for each of the three daily meals
  2. Meal planning & extensive food preparation for special meals (allergies & aversions)
  3. Preparing & serving drinks
  4. Maintaining a clean food environment including preventing cross-contamination between main serving line food & special meals
  5. Serving meals to campers and staff
  6. Overseeing the soup/salad/potato bar
  7. Post-meal cleanup, including mopping, sweeping, cleaning tables, and washing dishes
  8. Preparing food/snacks for other camp activities, such as Special Events
  9. Completing inventory & determining what needs to be ordered
  10. Stocking & labeling allergy items (nutrition labeling)
  11. Clear communication with kitchen staff, counselors & campers of safety precautions in the kitchen and clarifying ingredients
  12. Posting the day’s menus and meal times
  13. Monitoring those who may require special meals to ensure their safety
  14. Knowledge and experience working with the FDA Food Code preferred
  15. Critical thinking and ability to plan ahead, but also be flexible

Food Service Specialists benefit in having a desire to work alongside fellow staff from other countries with different languages and cultural backgrounds.

A typical day for a Food Service Specialist:

5:30 AM—Report to the Chow Hall/Begin Breakfast Prep/Fill out Allergen Statements

7:00 AM—Special meals ready for Breakfast/Eat Breakfast

7:30 AM—Serve breakfast

9:00 AM—Clean Chow Hall (including special meals area)/Prep for Lunch

9:30 AM—Break 

10:30 AM—Return to Chaw Hall/Continue Lunch Prep/Fill out Allergen Statements

11:45 AM—Special meals ready for Lunch/Eat Lunch

12:15 PM—Serve Lunch

1:30 PM—Clean Chow Hall (including special meals area)/Prep for Dinner

2:30 PM—Break – May participate in Mish Mash activities

4:30 PM—Special meals ready for Dinner/Eat Dinner

5:00 PM—Serve Dinner (Day Camp counselors may eat at 6:45pm)

7:30 PM—Clean Chow Hall (including special meal areas)/Begin meal prep for tomorrow’s breakfast

8:30 PM—Free for evening

9:00 PM—Fun event with International Staff planned