Camper spots still available at the end of the summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need To Know

Camp War Eagle is currently accepting applications for Summer 2024 camps. If you have any questions regarding Summer 2024, please email us your name, camper’s name(s), address and email address to, or call us at 479-751-8899. We are excited for another amazing summer at Camp War Eagle!

All Session Dates may be viewed by clicking HERE.

Cost assistance at Camp War Eagle is based on family income. Camp pricing can be viewed HERE. Balances should be paid in full by April 1 preceding summer camp. If total balance is not paid at least 4 weeks prior to attendance, camper(s) will be cancelled from their enrolled session(s) and waitlisted for following eligible sessions until payment is received.

A single $20.00 deposit is required for each camp family, regardless of how many CWE programs you are applying for this summer. The deposit will automatically be applied to your camper’s balance due. All deposits are fully refundable any time prior to April 1, 2024, as long as you notify Camp War Eagle in written form or email prior to April 1, 2024. After April 1, 2024, the deposit is non-refundable in the event of cancellation for any reason.

If your cancellation is made prior to three (3) weeks (21 calendar days) preceding the session to which your camper is assigned, you are not liable for the remainder of the camp fees. All cancellations made within the three (3) weeks immediately preceding the session to which your camper is assigned result in a forfeiture of camp fees paid.

If your camper has never been enrolled in a session for 2024, but remains on a waiting list, your deposit will be refunded at the conclusion of the summer unless we are notified in writing otherwise.

All fee balances are due and payable to Camp War Eagle on or before April 1, 2024. If for any reason you are unable to complete fee payment by April 1, 2024, alternate arrangements must be made through the Camp War Eagle office. After April 1, 2023, all enrollments are subject to cancellation unless fees have been paid in full or unless alternate arrangements have been made with Camp War Eagle. Please note that if camp fee balance is still due, any overnight camp store deposits will be applied to the camp fee balance.

Refunds issued prior to attendance will be issued to the Primary Account Holder in the same form the original payment was made; refunds issued after attendance (such as store refunds and/or overpayments) will be issued to the camper.

Please note that Camp War Eagle is currently only open for children from Washington, Benton, Carroll and Madison counties in Northwest Arkansas, Overnight Camp for ages 7 to 17 and Day Camp for ages 6 to 11. Final payment, if required, is due no later than April 1, 2024.

Overnight Camp applicants must be ages 7 to 17 while at camp and be currently enrolled in 1st through 11th grade at a Benton, Carroll, Madison or Washington County school (or otherwise provide proof of residence in same counties) to be eligible to attend. *Overnight campers must be at least 8 years old while at camp to attend any of the 14 day sessions.

Day Camp applicants must be ages 6 to 11 while at day camp and be currently enrolled in Kindergarten through 5th grade at a Benton, Carroll, Madison or Washington County school (or otherwise provide proof of residence in same counties) to be eligible to attend.

Each applicant must submit a completed Application (including the Qualification Form), accompanied by the camp deposit, to be considered for acceptance into one of our sessions. Upon receipt of your completed Application and Qualification Form, CWE will review your application and place your camper into a session as space is available. Due to the large number of applications we receive, CWE reviews each application and selects campers based upon the information provided on the Qualification Form of the Application. We encourage you to complete as much of the Qualification Form as possible. Waiting lists are common for all sessions.

For more information about our application process and camper requirements click here.

For all forms, click here.

No, each child’s application will be reviewed by Camp War Eagle. Children will be selected for attendance based on their Qualifications.

Each application will be reviewed by the Camp War Eagle enrollment committee and the children will be placed into a session based on their qualifications. Please remember that all campers are required to meet the criteria established by Camp War Eagle for admittance and, therefore, the detailed completion of the Qualification Form is extremely important. And, for those applicants with prior experience at Camp War Eagle, their performance and behavior while a camper will be a significant factor in determining their enrollment in a Camp War Eagle session.

Unfortunately, not all previous campers will be able to attend again in 2024. A certain number of spaces are reserved for returning campers and a certain number of spaces are reserved for new campers.

All children from the same home may not get to attend CWE 2024. Each child’s application is reviewed on an individual basis. Factors such as age and gender may limit CWE from accepting all siblings.

Unfortunately, CWE cannot guarantee previous year waiting list children a spot based on their previous year waitlist status. Remember, each child will be selected to attend based on their qualifications.

Acceptance letters for early enrollment campers will be mailed in February, and your MyCWE dashboard will reflect placement. The dashboard and letters will also tell you which session your child has been placed in. Some children may be placed on a waiting list and notification of waitlist status will be updated and mailed in February as well.

After your application has been received and processed by CWE, you should receive notification confirming receipt. If you have not received notification a month after applying, please contact the CWE office at 479.751.8899 to confirm receipt.

Health and Safety

Everything You Need To Know

Each camper must have a completed Health Card. The health section of the registration process, including detailed health history, immunization and insurance information, and medications information can be completed on our website via your MyCWE account. Paper health cards are also available upon request. A physical examination must be performed (on the Camp War Eagle physical form) by a licensed M.D., N.P., P.A., or C.N.M. within 24 months of arrival at Camp War Eagle. (Mobile Day Campers are not required to complete the physical form.) The completed Health Card should be returned to Camp War Eagle as soon as possible, but no later than the deadline on your acceptance letter. Overnight Campers will meet a nurse upon arrival at camp and leave any medication with the nurse. Medications are not accepted for Day Campers. ALL HEALTH CARDS MUST BE SIGNED BY A LEGAL GUARDIAN (NO EXCEPTIONS.) Based on recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and in consultation with infectious disease specialists, current required immunizations are mandatory for all camp attendees. Protection of the entire camp population is our highest priority. There are no exceptions or exemptions to this policy.

For Overnight Camp, the Camp War Eagle Health Center is always maintained by registered nurses who are on duty at all times. Upon arrival and check-in at CWE Overnight Camp, each child’s medications will be turned in to the CWE Health Center. The nurses will administer meds on a regular schedule and as needed by each camper. Camper medications are not accepted at any CWE Day Camp locations.

Yes. Camp War Eagle will be responsible for routine health issues that can be managed in our Health Center. However, if we must take your camper to an outside health service, it will be your responsibility to pay for those outside services. We will ask you to sign an agreement that acknowledges your agreement with our policy.

The Overnight Camp Health Center is always maintained by 3-4 registered nurses as well as a camp physician who are on duty at all times. Additional physicians and a full-service medical clinic are located in Rogers, 10 miles away. It is the camp policy to notify parents in the event of an accident or injury only in the event of emergency or when recommended by the camp physician. Should medical bills be incurred, parents are fully responsible for payment.

While at Camp

Everything You Need To Know

No regulation uniform is required. All clothing and equipment must be marked with camper’s first and last name. A complete list of what to bring can be found here.

To avoid disturbing the Camp War Eagle program and for safety and security reasons, visitors are NOT ALLOWED during camp until Closing Day.

Overnight Campers are not allowed to come and go during a camp session, nor are day campers allowed to come and go during a camp day. Campers are also not permitted to arrive to a session late or leave while camp is in session. Exceptions are allowed at the sole discretion of the Camp Director and must be cleared in advance. No tuition or fees will be refunded due to late arrivals or early departures.

If your day camper is unable to attend day camp for any reason, you must notify CWE Day Camp Staff. Unexcused day camp absences may result in removal of your day camper from the program, and no refunds are issued for those in violation of the attendance policy. If your day camper will not attend day camp on a particular day for an appointment, please send a note ahead of time and when possible, remind the staff the day before. Fees may apply for late pickup.

Campers are not allowed to bring food or candy to Camp War Eagle or to receive food or candy in the mail during the session.

To send camper mail, you can mail it to:

Camp War Eagle
Attn: Camper Name
Session ___, Cabin # (if known)
14323 Camp War Eagle Road
Rogers, AR 72756

We ask that you do NOT send candy, food or gum. Cell phones, MP3 or other music players, video cameras, radios, laptops, video games, and other similar electronic items should not be brought to camp. If these items are brought to camp, they will be taken up and held in a secure location in the camp office. Expensive cameras and watches should be left at home due to the risk of breakage or loss.

Food, candy, water balloons, glow sticks or silly string should not be brought or sent to camp. Fireworks, guns, ammunition, and knives are strictly prohibited. All such items will be confiscated and discarded.

Ideas of things you can send would be books, magazines, activity books, games, cards, stuffed animals, hair accessories, props for the Special Events.

Campers are not allowed to receive or make telephone calls while in attendance at Camp War Eagle. Exceptions to this policy are at the sole discretion of the Camp Director. Please feel free to call the Camp War Eagle office if you need to discuss anything relating to your child.

Cell phones may not be brought to Camp War Eagle.

Campers are allowed to receive emails while in attendance at Camp War Eagle Overnight Camp via the Camp War Eagle website. Instructions will be forwarded to you at a later date. Please note that campers DO NOT have access to computers and will not be able to email you back. Campers are allowed to write letters and mail them at any time.

Camp War Eagle cabins are rustic (no air conditioning), and campers sleep in bunk beds. Each sleeping area has a shelf and access to an electrical outlet (for fans or clocks). A typical cabin has 12 campers and 3 counselors. Bathrooms and showers are located in a nearby Bath House.

Upon acceptance of a camper’s application, he or she is placed in the proper grouping and cabin according to age, development, and school grade. Every effort is made to place campers accordingly, but final placement is at the sole discretion of the Camp Director. No cabin requests will be accepted.

Our counselors are trained to work with home sick campers. A camper’s counselor will be the first person to work with and encourage your child. The counselor will work on focusing the child on the fun things to do at camp by keeping your camper involved in the things he/she loves doing. Most campers experience little or no homesickness once they have settled into the camp program. Campers that continue to struggle with homesickness will meet with the Camp Mom who serves as our mom away from home. She works with each child on an individual basis and will continue to check on them throughout their time at camp.

Campers are not allowed to use the telephone or computers during their stay at CWE. It is our experience that homesick campers only become more homesick upon talking with their family. Our focus remains to keep the child involved in camp activities and the fun away from home. Please feel free to contact the Camp Mom to check on your child at any time. She will be happy to check on your camper and let you know how your camper is doing.

Both one week and two week campers will have the opportunity to preference his/her morning activities. Based upon camper preference and availability, each camper will be given an individual schedule of classes designed to teach or improve upon a skill and classes designed for fun and participation. Some of our youngest campers will be assigned to a general activity rotation in order to introduce them to all areas of camp. Also, each afternoon for 2 hours (during Mish Mash) each camper has the opportunity to do whatever he/she wants. During this time, the child can decide each day what he/she wants to do.

CWE hires over 350 summer staff members from various colleges to supervise your campers. The entire summer staff attends a 10 day orientation session that focuses on safety, skill training, the Camp War Eagle daily schedule, and camper development. Each cabin of 10-12 campers has 2-3 counselors that live, eat and play with your children. In addition, each cabin is assigned a Top Staff member that oversees a group of counselors and cabins. Our year-round Permanent Staff will also supervise and oversee many areas of your child’s camp experience.

Camp Info

Everything You Need To Know

The overall purpose of the LIT program is to develop high school students into competent leaders by serving others, studying the Bible and building meaningful relationships. It aims to educate, equip, encourage, and motivate students to advance their leadership skills so that upon entering college or the workplace they will be able to effectively impact others in a positive manner through their relationship with Jesus Christ. For full details on these programs please visit the L.I.T Page.

No. Camp War Eagle is a non-denominational, Christian summer camp that accepts children from all faiths. It is not necessary that a child be a Christian to attend CWE.

Overnight Camp is located east of Rogers on the shores of Beaver Lake. Two-week Day Camp sessions are offered in Springdale and Rogers. One-week Mobile Day Camp sessions are offered in cities of northwest Arkansas. 

View DIRECTIONS to Overnight Camp. Camp War Eagle, 14323 Camp War Eagle Road, Rogers, AR 72756

Buses travel from Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers and Bentonville to and from Camp War Eagle Overnight Camp free of charge. Parents can sign up for bus transportation when they complete their camper’s registration packet for overnight camp. Transportation for Day Camp is NOT provided.

Yes. Spanish material is found on our website, or you may contact us for print material in Spanish. We also have access to translators.

Feel free to contact Camp War Eagle with any questions, comments, or concerns at 479.751.8899 or If you have any concern that you would like to discuss privately, please contact a Camp Director at Extension 4219 or 4211.