Truly Magnificent

Simply Beautiful

Nestled on over 600 wooded acres and surrounded on three sides by beautiful Beaver Lake, the War Eagle Overnight Camp setting is unmatched in its beauty and utility.

Camp War Eagle’s location is perfect for activities like football, softball, gymnastics, volleyball, water skiing, wakeboarding, riflery, horseback riding, archery, rock climbing, rappelling, skateboarding, pottery, stained glass, cheerleading, nature/conservation study, hip-hop dance, water slides, Blobbing, fishing, canoeing and many, many more!  An adventure that will help you develop leadership qualities. An adventure that will promote a greater appreciation for God, others and yourself. An adventure that will not stop at the end of the summer but will continue throughout the year. An adventure that will be fun, exciting, challenging and life-changing. An adventure that is called CAMP WAR EAGLE!!