The Camp War Eagle Office staff is an integral part of camp and is for those who are willing to have fun with and love campers, and have a servant's heart with a cheerful and positive attitude.  They will also provide energy and enthusiasm while making the administrative side of Camp War Eagle a success.

Office Counselor duties may include, but are not limited to the following areas:

  1. Office Assistant—Involves preparing and organizing packets for staff and campers, making morning program announcements, and basic administrative work (such as answering the telephone, filing, data entry, etc).  Office Assistants generally work ten hour days, and may have a split shift depending on the daily schedule.
  2. Post Office Assistant—Involves distributing mail and keeping a log of UPS and Fed Ex packages for campers and staff, as well as managing the lost and found.  Post Office Assistants generally work ten-hour shifts in the Post Office.
  3. Courier/Chauffeur—Involves shopping for program and administrative supplies, and transporting campers and staff members.  Couriers drive Camp War Eagle vehicles between camp and other towns, such as Rogers or Fayetteville, AR.  Couriers do not work specific set hours.
  4. GEST Chauffeur - Involves transporting our International Staff to and from town for shopping, outings, and to/from their host home for GEST days off.  GEST Chauffeurs drive Camp War Eagle vehicles between camp and other towns, such as Bentonville, Springdale, or Fayetteville.  They will be hospitable and check in with host home families when dropping off or picking up GEST staff.
  5. The Camp War Eagle office is open from 7:45 am—10:15 pm every camp day.  The day is usually divided into 3 shifts, with Office Staff working 2 of the 3 shifts.