Camper spots still available at the end of the summer.

Wild Builds: Catapults

 Learn the in’s and out’s of constructing a LIFE-SIZE catapult. Once completed, put it to test and launch objects into oblivion! Must be at least 9 years old.

X-Stream Explorers

Explore the small world around you by learning more about the macro-invertebrates that populate streams. Get the chance to discover things living our stream right here at the Nature Center! […]

Beginner Mountain Biking

Learn proper beginning riding techniques, proper care of the bike, and experience the fun of mountain biking on War Eagle’s trails. Ages 7-11.

Animal Tracking and Hunting

Daily competition to see who the best animal tracker is the best animal tracker this side of the Mississippi. In this class, you will learn to climb a tree stand […]

Advanced and Experienced Fishing

Are you ready to learn more advanced skills of fishing? Learn and use different fishing reels, lures, and how to catch your own bait. Finally learn how to fillet a […]

Nature Pinterest

Learn to be creative with the things around us. Taking crafts from Pinterest and implementing them into items you may just find lying around in Nature!

Mountain Biking

Experience the fun of mountain biking on our great trails.

Planet Shakers

Explore ways to be green in your own world. Learn what it looks like to reduce, reuse, and recycle in fun ways!