Camper spots still available at the end of the summer.


Campers will get to pick a wood piece of their choice and use different color tile pieces to design their own mosaic.


Take a swing at creating treasure from trash. In this class you receive a challenge and use odds and ends and recycle them to create a project or piece of […]

Advanced Painting

Paint with a fun technique that will help you create a beautiful arcylic painting. Designed for those who want to deepen their artistic painting skills. Must be 12+


Choose from a variety of ceramic green ware pieces and paint them as you desire.  Be as crazy or as imaginative as you want, then “fire” them in one of our kilns.  The result will be fantastic!

Pottery Wheel

If you like getting dirty while being creative, this activity is for you.  But don’t worry, the clay washes out!  You will be using one of War Eagle’s potter’s wheels to form a project of your own.  You will then glaze and “fire” it in one of our kilns.  Must be at least 12 years old.


Design a one-of-a-kind work of art.