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Internship Camp War Eagle

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Camp War Eagle provides year-long internship program experiences for students who have recently graduated.  All internship positions are full-time, paid opportunities, and housing is also included.  

  • Recruiting: Serve as a Camp War Eagle Recruiter as you travel to campuses, interview applicants, and discern who will be on our summer staff for the following summer.  Our recruiting interns also have roles that assist in the summer program planning. 
  • Media and Marketing: Help plan, organize, and execute the Camp War Eagle promotional strategy.  As the demand for multimedia communication at Camp War Eagle grows, our need for individuals with photography, graphic design, and videography skills grows as well.  This internship has a large emphasis on promotional content gathering and creation. 
  • OZONE: OZONE exists to see positive change life change in CWE camper and the NWA community.  OZONE provides opportunities to connect students to Camp War Eagle all year.  OZONE connects students to positive consistant relationships through weekly programming, special events, community opportunities and leadership development.  The OZONE intern will be on the front lines of all these effots with the hope to continue the Camp War Eagle mission of establishing and deepening relationships with Jesus Christ. 
  • Facilities--Help support the facilities department in the non-summer months in construction projects, groups and retreats support, and other facility needs. 
  • Public Relations: Help plan, organize, and implement the Camp War Eagle camper recruiting promotional strategy. This position will also be focused on relationships with in the community and partnering with local organizations to recruit campers for camp. 

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