USA USA USA!!!!!!! 4th Session Camp War Eagle

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hey readers! Happy Thursday! We are celebrating AMERICA today at camp! Some of your wonderful children will be starring in tonights talent show, so be on the lookout for pictures of them!! Have a wonderful day, we'll see you soon! 


Tonight is Red, White, and Blue Day!  Get ready to show your patriotism. Tonight we salute our country by having a good old-fashioned picnic. The day begins with hamburgers for everyone. Then we are free to roam around the soccer and football field. You may want to play a game of soccer or throw the frisbee. If you don’t care about getting a little messy you might try the Egg Toss, Apple Bobbing, or the Pie Eating Contest. After some fun and games we will watch Battle of the Stars, and a fantastic display of fireworks. Happy Red, White and Blue day, and God Bless America!

Today at the Mash:


Skeet Shooting 2:40          

World Cup Soccer  4:15 at the Pig Pen!



             Mountain Biking (12-17)

             Power Walk (8-11)

Today in Tribal


Today’s Score:

Osage:  99 Caddo:  85

Overall Score:

Osage: 820 Caddo:830

Game of the Day:

Ultimate Ball– Leopards v Cheetahs ( Cabin 7 & 8)

This game was awesome! The Caddo started with a strong lead, but the Osage fought back and ended with a win! The girls had great hustle, showed incredible sportsmanship, and ended this week on a really great note!

Hustler of the Day

Morgan Hailey

Michelle Vera

Star Cabin winners for the week get an ICE CREAM party today at 2:35 at the store porch!



Cabins 7, 13, 24


Cabins 29, 32, 43