PUMP! IT! UP! 4th Session Camp War Eagle

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Good Morning and happy Wednesday! Things are beginning to wind down here at Camp War Eagle! We can't believe that we'll see you in just a few short days! Here's the report on everything CWE for today! 

Tonight is Pump It Up! We’ll start with our special event where you can jump around on TONS of inflatable bounce houses. We’ve got the King of the Mountain, wrecking ball, bungee run, Rapid Fire and more!! You can play super-sized volleyball or Blob in the Cove. Everything inflated will be open! Younger Cabins will start out at Lifeline while Primetime and Summit Cabins PUMP IT UP! Then Primetime and Summit will head to worship at the Nest and Roost while Lifeline jumps around.

Verse of the Day

“Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.” ~Ephesians 4:32

Today in Tribal


Today’s Score:

Caddo - 95

Osage - 89

Overall Score:

Caddo - 745

Osage - 721

Hustler of the Day:

Sam Roth

Taylor Priest

Game of the Day:

Ultimate Flickerball

Condors v Falcons

These girls had a STRONG start to their game! They came out and gave it their all. They cheered so loud, and gave so much effort! Awesome job girls!!!

Ultimate Ball

Red Fox vs Otters

This was the most creative game of Tribal Competition! The Caddo came in with some new strategies that left everyone entertained! They showed great sportsmanship!! 

Today’s Star Cabins!

Girls: Cabins 4, 12, 18

Boys: Cabins 27, 32, 43

Camper Spotlight



Malika Driskell

Cabin 20


Spirit Animal:



If you could make it rain anything, what would it be?



What is your favorite thing at camp?

The wedgie slide!


What is your dream job?

A professional singer!




Street SK8


Kan Jam @ 3:15



Water Whirlpool

3:00 Younger

4:00 Older