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Camp War Eagle Program Camp War Eagle





Monday – Thursday

(O) = Older cabins    (Y) = Younger cabins


                    7:15 A.M.                                    WAKE UP

                    7:35 A.M.                                    MORNING SHOW (Y)/BREAKFAST (O)

                    7:55 A.M.                                    BREAKFAST (Y)

                    8:10 A.M.                                    MORNING SHOW (O)

                    8:40 A.M.                                    TRIBAL COMPETITION MUSIC BEGINS

                    8:50 A.M.                                    POW-WOW AND TRIBAL MEETINGS

                    9:05 A.M.                                    TRIBAL COMPETITION BEGINS

                    9:50 A.M.                                    TRIBAL COMPETITION ENDS

                    9:55 A.M.                                    CHILL-OUT BEGINS

                  10:25 A.M.                                    TRAVEL TO INSTRUCTIONAL PEREIOD

                  10:35 A.M.                                    INSTRUCTIONAL BEGINS

                  12:20 P.M.                                    INSTRUCTIONAL ENDS

                  12:25 P.M.                                    LUNCH (O)

                  12:45 P.M.                                    LUNCH (Y)

                    1:10 P.M.                                    REST PERIOD

                    2:20 P.M.                                    COUNSELORS CALLED TO MISH MASH

                    2:40 P.M.                                    MISH-MASH BEGINS

                    5:05 P.M.                                    MISH-MASH ENDS

                    5:20 P.M.                                    DINNER (O)

                    5:30 P.M.                                    DINNER (Y)

                    6:20 P.M.                                    CALL TO PRIMETIME AND THE SUMMIT

                    6:35 P.M.                                    PRIMETIME AND SUMMIT BEGIN/CALL TO LIFELINE

                    6:45 P.M.                                    LIFELINE BEGINS

                    7:20 P.M.                                    SPECIAL EVENT BEGINS

                    8:50 P.M.                                    SPECIAL EVENT ENDS/SHOWERS BEGIN

                    9:20 P.M.                                    DEVOTIONAL

                    9:50 P.M.                                    LIGHTS OUT-YOUNGER CABINS

                  10:20 P.M.                                    LIGHTS OUT-OLDER CABINS/STAFF TIME

                 12:00 A.M.                                    LIGHTS OUT (ALL STAFF)