2020-2021 Intern Application Camp War Eagle


Thank you for your interest in joining the Camp War Eagle staff family. The following application form is designed to give you the opportunity to comment on your own history and experience. We invite you to be honest and open as you answer the questions. If we determine that you are a qualified candidate, you will be contacted about the first step in interview process. 


Scott Richards and Pete Day

The use of drugs, alcohol and/or tobacco is strictly prohibited during the entire course of your employment. Violation of the policy

results in immediate termination of employment. If you understand this statement, and are willing to accept this restriction if hired, please initial below.

I understand that Camp War Eagle has ZERO TOLERANCE FOR ABUSE and takes all allegations of abuse seriously. I further

understand that Camp War Eagle cooperates fully with the authorities to investigate all cases of alleged abuse. Abuse of minors is

grounds for immediate dismissal and possible criminal charges. If you understand this statement, and are willing to accept this statement, please initial below.

 ***I declare that all statements contained in this application and related matters are true and accurate and that

any misrepresentation or omission of information is cause for rejection of my application, or immediate

termination from camp involvement & employment.