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Ozone's vision is for Camp War Eagle campers to develop authentic, productive relationships with Jesus Christ.

Ozone's mission is to bring Camp War Eagle campers into a Christ-centered community that will minister to their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs and equip them to serve others.

We aim to stay in touch with CWE campers throughout the school year and to build upon the lessons they learn at camp. We focus on the spiritual growth and character development of our students, with a special emphasis on serving the community. Ozone is open to all children ages 7-17 in Northwest Arkansas, whether or not they have attended CWE.

We meet regularly with our students at three different times, depending on age.

Lifeline (grades 2nd-5th) meets one Friday every month.

Primetime (grades 6th-8th) meets weekly on Tuesday nights**.

Summit (grades 9th-12th) meets weekly on Thursday nights**.

Check your city page for meeting places and times by clicking on the tabs above. Also, you can find information about our special events by clicking on the "Upcoming Special Events" link from the CWE365 dropdown tab!!

**Rogers' and Fayetteville's Primetime (grades 6th-8th) and Summit (grades 9th-12th) meet weekly on Tuesday nights.

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