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Safety and Healthcare

At Camp War Eagle, each child's health and safety is our primary concern. Each session finds a full medical staff in place, usually consisting of at least 3 registered nurses and a physician. Physicians usually take calls as needed to treat typical camp maladies. In addition, the camp doctor always remains on call in the event of a more serious accident or injury.

War Eagle nurses dispense daily medications, treat minor illnesses and injuries and manage the Camp War Eagle Health Center.

Camp physicians and nurses are provided with lodging, meals, Camp War Eagle activities and complimentary tuition for some of their children.

In addition to our full medical staff on duty each session, Camp War Eagle goes to great lengths to ensure that all of its staff is properly trained in necessary areas. All summer staff is required to attend a 10-day orientation session during which everyone is certified in CPR and First Aid. In addition, all lifeguards are certified, as well as instructors in areas such as ropes course, riflery, archery, horsemanship, etc.

If you have questions regarding our Health or Safety programs, or if you are interested in Physician or Nursing opportunities at Camp War Eagle, please contact us at [email protected].