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Oklahoma State University

Camp War Eagle is going to be on the Oklahoma State University Campus Monday through Friday, October 2nd-6th. 

Click here for a FUN VIDEO and more information about camp!

CWE Table Information:

Monday, Tues and Thursday, October 2nd – 5th at the Student Union Plaza Outside near Chi O Clock,

Wednesday October 4th we are moving inside due to rain!  We will be near Campus Life and the Atrium entrance on the 2nd floor!

Friday, October 6th on the 2nd floor of the Student Union (by Campus Life) from 8 am - 5 pm

CWE Video Show Information:

We will have a video show presentation on Thursday, October 5th at 6:00 pm in the Student Union, Room 413.  Come to the video show to hear more about the CWE experience and take this opportunity to ask lots of questions.  This is a great informational session that we strongly encourage all applicants to attend and we hope to see all of you there. 

CWE Interviews:  Sign up for a time at:

We will be conducting interviews all week on campus at both the Union Plaza outdoors by Chi O Clock and inside the Union-2nd Floor by Campus Life. 

For more information contact Leslie Seaton at [email protected] or 479-466-8317.

Additionally, feel free to contact our Campus Representatives, listed below, if you have any questions.


Alli Baden

[email protected]
(620) 687-3061

Hannah Walsh

[email protected]
(918) 899-8131

Lexi Barry

[email protected]
(405) 821-5822

Colette Bramblett

[email protected]
(972) 834-8516

Lauren Golliver

[email protected]
(918) 845-5519

Cole Grimes

[email protected]
(940) 782-1117

Krysta Orscheln

[email protected]
(972) 754-7866

Tara Yoder

[email protected]
(918) 381-9556

Ben Watson

[email protected]
(405) 819-3812

Matt Stewart

[email protected]
(405) 630-7796