Counselor Camp War Eagle


The Amazing Camp War Eagle Counselor position is an integral part of camp and is for those who are willing to have fun with, live with, and love campers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We have 5 criteria we use to identify those we believe would be THE BEST counselors for our campers.

  1. Staff members who are positive, upbeat, wholesome, Christian role models
  2. Staff members who love kids unconditionally
  3. Staff members who desire to develop the heart of a servant and who are committed to hard work
  4. Staff members who possess a certain skill or who are willing to learn a new skill
  5. Staff members who are willing to have fun!!!

Other responsibilities:

  1. Directly responsible for 10-12 campers in a cabin, as well as other supervisory responsibilities for campers throughout the day.
  2. Teaching in one or several areas of the Camp War Eagle program.
  3. Coaching a team in competition every day.
  4. Supervising an area of camp during Mish Mash (campers’ free time), as well as spending time with campers when not on duty.
  5. Supervising activities during Special Events in the evening program, as well as participating in the Special Event activities with campers.
  6. Leading a nightly cabin devotional provided by Camp War Eagle.

Other details:

  1. Spiritual Growth—There are several opportunities for personal spiritual growth and worship, including Time-Out, Camp War Eagle’s staff-only worship, & multiple opportunities for staff bible studies.
  2. Living arrangements—Counselors will reside in a cabin with 10-12 campers and one or two co-counselors.
  3. Time off—Counselors have one day off during two week sessions, which begins at lunch time (around 12:25 pm) and concludes at noon the following day. Counselors will also have a day off in between the change over of each session, which begins at approximately 1:00 pm and concludes at 10 am the next day. Counselors will also have every other lunch period and every other evening (after 10:30 pm or cabin devotionals) off. Lunch off and evening off differ on the weekends. 
  4. Orientation—All staff are paid for this fun, exciting, information-packed, eight day period during which everyone is oriented to Camp War Eagle and their specific roles and responsibilities. Counselors will be a part of an orientation group and will also participate in additional staff certification programs.
  5. SWAT—All Counselors who are hired for 6 or more weeks may spend up to two weeks as a member of the Camp War Eagle S.W.A.T. Team (Servants Working All Together). This experience strives to provide (1) an opportunity to develop a more servant-hearted attitude as you work with fellow counselors in Camp support activities, (2) an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth through an in-depth biblical study of servant hood, and (3) an opportunity to charge or recharge your mental, emotional, and spiritual batteries to better enable you to serve your campers during other sessions. Final determination as to placement on the S.W.A.T. Team is at the sole discretion of the Camp War Eagle staff.
  6. Day Camp—All Counselors who are hired for 6 or more weeks may spend up to two weeks as a member of the Camp War Eagle Day Camp Team.  We also minister to kids in Northwest Arkansas at a day camp in Rogers and Springdale, Arkansas.   You will still reside at camp in our day camp cabins, but will spend the majority of your day conducting the “Amazing Camp War Eagle Experience” to campers in town.  Final determination as to placement on the Day Camp Team is at the sole discretion of the Camp War Eagle staff.